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About us

At UKRCOM we support intended parents and surrogate mothers during the entire surrogacy journey. We aim to help people and each story is very personal for us. With almost ten years of surrogacy agency experience we watched the creation of hundreds of lives. Patients from different parts of the world – the USA, Australia, Ireland, Japan, Greece, Canada, Germany, Check Republic have already entrusted us their future.

Ukrcom is a small, but talented team of professionals united by common goals and values. Each of us: our lawyer Alex, psychologist Elena, curators Nataliia and Marina, translator Irina, accountant Valentyna, is an important link in the overall work of the company, contributes to its development and success. We have different views and experiences, our tastes do not always coincide, but all this together allows us to become better, create truly unique things and help our clients. We know how to communicate with people, we feel and understand their needs.

Each day of our work sets before us non-standard tasks, but also gives opportunities for their prompt solution, gives birth to new lives and new hopes.  We know how important it is for our clients to get answers to all the questions, to receive ultrasounds, results of various tests, photos and videos of such a long-awaited baby as soon as possible. Therefore, we inform about all possible aspects within an hour. We are here for you, with you and always on your side!

Our packages

Transfer of frozen embryos (FET)

Surrogacy program with own eggs

Surrogacy program with donor eggs or donor sperm